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are a major supplier of quality breathalyzers to the UK and World markets.

We only supply high quality breathalyzers and our models range from budget consumer type breathalysers to UK Home Office approved Police grade breathalyzer models. We do not stock 'novelty' keyring style breathalyser devices which are little more than toys.

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AL7000 Pro Pack Breathalyzer

AL2500 Elite X  Breathalyser DA5000 Breathalyser CA2000 Breathalyser AL6000 Breathalyser AL7000 Breathalyser Alcovisor Mk X Breathalyser Alcotector BAC100 Breathalyser Draeger Breathalyser

Each breathalyser and breath tester carries a 12 MONTH GUARANTEE and is SHIPPED SAME DAY with Free First Class delivery within the UK.

Breathalyser Solutions are authorised breathalyser suppliers to the NHS, HM Prison Service and The UK Ministry Of Defence.

We have a huge cross section of satisfied customers who have bought a breathalyzer from us. Breathalyser Solutions sell to individuals who are safety conscious, through to large corporations buying for employee or patient alcohol screening purposes.

We treat each customer as equally important and are happy to offer free, impartial, no nonsense and above all honest breathalyzer advice.

We are major suppliers to the NHS and in addition to supplying private individuals, we also supply road haulage companies, universities, colleges, off shore oil industry, and the manufacturing industry with reliable, high quality breathalyzer supplies.

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Top Quality Breathalyser

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Free Delivery

12 Month Guarantee

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Breathalyzer Solutions offer free advice on all aspects of the breathalyzer and breath tester purchase process.

We always dispatch our breathalysers in plain, discrete packaging - recognising that confidentiality is important.

Our customers include the Airline Industry, Train Companies, United Nations, Ministry Of Defence and HM Customs & Excise.

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Breathalyser Solutions

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